SEO for Web3 Companies Made Easy

Doing SEO for Web3 companies is often tiresome. But, we have brought you a few solutions.

It sometimes becomes difficult to do marketing for competitive industries where clients want quick results. One of these kinds of industries is Web3 or the Blockchain Industry. It is a highly competitive industry with rapidly changing technologies. Companies here need quick results or they will be irrelevant very fast.

However, long-term marketing techniques like SEO take a lot of time to get a good result. So, how should you approach Web3 companies?

We have brought this article to demonstrate

Press Releases

Press Releases are an easy way to earn backlinks in Web3, however, they are expensive. Posting press releases with links to high-quality websites can cost up to thousands of dollars.

Websites with a Domain Authority of around 50 ( as per AHREF) can charge as high as $100-150. That increases with websites handling a significant amount of traffic.

However, the cost pays off. You get the link juice of a high-quality website plus you gain significant traffic from them.

Content Strategy

Google only considers you an expert after you have created at least 50 (the number varies from topic to topic). An easy way to do that is using Glossary Blast.

A Glossary Blast is creating a set of interlinked pages with each page containing a definition of a term related to cryptocurrencies. You can get a list of such terms from crypto media websites like Das Crypto.

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