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URL Optimization in SEO

Building a good URL

Building a good URL

URL is no longer used for website ranking on Google; it is still valuable for other search engines. Further, URL categorizes pages and posts as per their respective categories. A well-categorized set of pages is easier to get indexed by Google using a sitemap. We will explore sitemaps later in this article under Technical SEO.

To make URLs simpler, several websites affix the post name after the website URL. Some examples are:

4.1. URL with Categorization”

Here you can see that the “Best Chocolate Chip Cookies” post is under the category “Recipe.”

4.2. URL without Categorization

The same URL can be simplified to include the page name or post name.

Notice that we have removed “/recipe/10813/“. It is completely optional for you to choose whether you will retain categorization or remove it from your URL.

This will have no impact on the internal categorization of your website. All posts will stay under their respective categories. However, these categories will just be omitted from the URL.

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